- Z - Dead Presidents II (Classic Evaluation N° 2)

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Capture my reflexion like a mirror is
Mother fuckers make a few rhymes and call themselves lyricists
Shout out to my brother doing time hope your hearing this
Uplift your spirit kid
Z the warrior I’m so militant
And I’m sticking to it like cooking food in an old skillet is
Flow so stupid even the Pope will be feeling this
Like greedy banks I’m closing your businesses
You ain’t making any sense like protesting whispering
Now let me open this for a minute shit
Climate change what they’re waiting for snow on the Pyramids?
You’re a joke like Sarah Palin president
The way I kick it you’d be thinking I got asian relatives
And fuck the loot I do it do it for the hell of it
Coming through like 79 or 80 elephants
Time is money man the world is hours/ours
I started rapping 2 months later they burnt the Towers
Don’t make babies with a politician you’ll give birth to cowards
I’m bringing you the truth without the birds and flowers
I’m hot a threat to everybody like a color blind Crip
Rottweiler drop like kamikaze they can’t fuck with my shit
Sit back and hope right now your barely coming up
I’m like a big bag of coke I got a line for everyone of you

Your thinking that you’re hot man I’m the reason that your not
‘Cause weak is all you got and I can eat you on the spot
Like picnicking on the Japanese flag
They all reaching for the top but they ain’t got the ladder we have
You’ll get your time but only after we pass
‘Cause no one on the corner got the swagger Z has
And you don’t know how to rock a bed got theses girls legs turning into envelopes after you lick they close
Passing this shit to pros
Stabing it you know
I’m like a TV program I suggest you sit calm/sitcom
Sweety do me with no hands and then I get going
I’m making music let the people make the hit songs
Yeah I’m doing what I’m doing I’m Denzel your King Kong
I’m moving too fast they try to chop and screw me
Can’t get through a few laps while I go jogging 2 weeks
See I’m so hungry my stomach is eating itself
And you can be a dummy dadummy I’m easy to spell
Yeah Paris city we so hot we french fry mother fuckers
She’s pretty and loca c’est ca mother fucker
My style’s mean like a bunch of middle school kids
You got a foul bling and the presence of a toothpick
Wonder who’s this
I’m Z and don’t put me with the rest of the new shit
Got some Al green playing all I need is a cute chick